Welcome to the Chess Club

About the Club

Do you enjoy schwacking your opponents? Breaking their will as you mercilessly tip over their king? Well this is the right club for you! (Even if you have no prior experience with this kind of mayhem.)

Chess is the oldest game on earth that is still widely played. Called “The Game of Kings” it has captured the imagination of countless lives for the past 1500 years, and its enthusiasts include many of the greatest minds in history such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Marcel Duchamp, William Shakespeare, Johannes Brahms and Napoleon Bonaparte. There are more possible chess positions than there are atoms in the universe, so this game is famous for taking five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master!

The Monterey Sea Knights Chess Club (MSKCC) was established to promote this fascinating game at NPS and within the Monterey area. We have an educational focus designed to cultivate in our members the skills needed to play chess at the competitive level. Being part of the MSKCC is a great way to get to know fellow students, sharpen your mind and have fun as you improve at chess!

What We Do

The Monterey Sea Knights Chess Club is here to provide you a welcoming environment to facilitate learning and gameplay. We offer free lessons from a seasoned competition player in a course designed to cover all aspects of the game ranging from the basics to tactics, strategy, mating attacks, pattern recognition and Positional Theory. We also hold a wide variety of events to include blitz matches, arena tournaments, and an ongoing “Ladder Tournament” from which the NPS Chess Champion is declared quarterly. In conjunction with our two sister clubs we hold periodic club vs. club events, the last of which involved players from across the country! We are open to NPS students, alumni, faculty and their families. Bring your kids! All skill levels welcome! Don't worry if you have no experience, we will teach you how to play and learn together. The club is free for NPS Foundation members, and there are no fees to join.

Join Our Club

To join the NPS Foundation, please CLICK HERE. If you are already a member, please LOG IN to manage your club memberships.
The Chess Club meets from 1400-1700 PST on Fridays. Casual games are from 1400-1500, and a mix of lessons and tournament play is from 1500-1700 (varies by week). Meetings are structured to offer flexibility with different events occurring at different times; participants come and go as they please, and there is no expectation to be present for the full three hours. During COVID-19 closures the club is entirely online. Please join our online presence for online gameplay at: https://www.chess.com/club/monterey-sea-knights.

All lessons are held via Skype at: https://join.skype.com/QutDyQd4UwY3. To find out more about our weekly lessons and events please join and see our calendar. Send us an email at btcurran1@nps.edu if you would like to be included on our distro list.

Contact Us

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the Chess Club at btcurran1@nps.edu.