Welcome to the Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club is about connecting outdoor enthusiasts with people of similar outdoor interests and experiences. We are people who love the great outdoors. We have an extensive network of members who have access to outdoors-related information and resources. We make it easier for you to learn the “ropes” of getting outdoors in California and beyond.

What We Do
We hunt, fish, hike, climb, ride motorcycles, take the club kayak out for a paddle around the bay on sunny days, and many other activities. Sometimes we just hang out on the Monterey beaches by a good fire or coordinate trips like our annual hike at Mt Whitney. We strive to make it easier to do all these things by reaching out, supporting each other and sharing knowledge and experience.

How to Join
We are members of the NPS family, be that faculty, staff, or students. Learn from those who have been in the Monterey area for a while and enjoy the same activities you do. Make it easier to do those activities. Have opportunities to participate in events with like-minded folks who will enjoy your company. To join the NPS Foundation, please CLICK HERE. If you are already a member, please LOG IN to manage your club memberships.

Community Involvement
The Outdoors club supports the local community in any way we can. Namely, we accomplish this by club members volunteering their time and energy at local community events. As the club continues to grow, we are looking for opportunities to continually expand our involvement and volunteer efforts within the community.

Contact Us
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the outdoors club at outdoors@npsfoundation.org.