The mission and function of the NPS Human Enhancement Research Group (HERG) is of a jointly resourced organization that will provide thought leadership and innovation in the field of human enhancement, while also conducting a holistic refit and recovery for NPS students and family. The HERG will provide the highest quality, defense focused programs of education and research via a focused emphasis on research, treatment, and prevention within the domains of behavioral, cognitive, physical, ethics of war, moral and cognitive dissonance, organizational psychology, and personal leadership development. This NPS organization will serve as the epicenter for DoD human enhancement/performance research by, with, and through NPS Students.

The HERG design vision is of a single structure that will include a Physical Therapy Center, a Physical Performance Center, a Cognitive Performance Center, and a Life Strategy Counseling Center, all under the umbrella of the Applied Research Center. The HERG will primarily to advance human enhancement and performance for SOCOM and DoD, and secondly, directly provide individual refit and recovery.

Applied Research Center (ARC): The ARC is focused on Student and faculty-led research projects with an emphasis on pursuing the concept of the Hyper-Enabled Operator (HEO), to provide U.S. SOF with cognitive overmatch against future adversaries. Cooperative ensembles, across the DoD and the civilian sector, is a core function of the ARC and paramount to the success of enhancing human performance capabilities for SOF and the military.

Physical Therapy Center: Bridges the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training for modern-day military athletes and includes complete evaluations and treatment that extend from injury sites to all aspects of the body.
Physical Performance Center: Educate and train students in effective techniques to improve and enhance their functional capacity, strength, and agility.

Cognitive Performance Center (Mind Gym): Sustain professional performance in complex, dynamic, and unpredictable environments with a focus on assessing, training and augmenting domains within the Cognitive Fitness Framework.

Life Strategy Counseling Center: Primary mission is to produce future leaders with advanced cognitive and behavioral agility/resiliency, identify ethics of war, and prevent/decrease mental health challenges beyond NPS. Action-oriented, educational, cognitive and behavioral/training/coaching/counseling addressing:

1. Ethics of War: Identity the psychological factors that influence behavioral outcomes in war/deployment; identify and resolve moral and cognitive dissonance. Produce top tier academic research on ethics of war, propose policy changes, and conduct ethical analysis for the SOF and DOD.

2. Advanced executive functioning: Increase levels of self-awareness; understand human behavior in complex environments and matrix organizations.

3. Mitigate/prevent work-related burnout and career fatigue [depression and other psychological consequences].

4. Family and Academic Support: Individual and family counseling/coaching addressing academic and family adjustments, marriage dynamics, parenting, academic advising, peer tutoring, psychological testing, personality assessments, and neurofeedback.

5. In addition to the functions/capabilities of the five centers, the HERG is also responsible for structured class education within the DA Department to include, but not limited to, the Tactical Refit System Course and Cognitive Leadership Course.