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SLAMR Facility One Step Closer to Opening for Operations

The completed SLAMR Facility will be located on the cost of the Monterey Peninsula, adjacent to the NPS campus. The image on the left is a 'before' shot of one of the tanks, the two images on the right show tanks that have been cleaned to move forward with construction.

The Sea Land Air Military Research Initiative (SLAMR) is continuing to make strides to begin initial operations in late 2020. Recently, the SLAMR team completed cleaning operations for the 450,000-gallon undersea vehicle ranges. Preparation work will continue in early January with the installation of temporary water treatment and safety equipment. It is expected to take approximately one week to fill one 450,000-gallon aquatic range for the Initial Operational Test (IOT) event planned for late January. The IOT will identify research that can be completed in the tanks as they currently exist, and will also identify how to make the tanks more functional for additional research and education activities.

Thank You! Giving Tuesday and End-of-Year Giving Raise Nearly $70,000

Thanks to your generosity, we've raised nearly $70,000 as part of our end-of-year giving campaign, which launched on Giving Tuesday. Thank you to each person who supported our most pressing funding needs for 2020. Because of you, we are now able to fund additional national security research, elevate student and alumni life through our student clubs and an increased number of alumni events, and bolster more academic initiatives at NPS.

You can make a tax-deductible donation at any time. Simply visit, contact our office at 831-901-3766 to donate over the phone, or make a check out to the "NPS Foundation." Thank you for your valued support.

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Grand Winter Ball Pictures Are Here!

Thank you to all who attended our Grand Winter Ball last month! It was a fun and memorable evening and we hope you felt our appreciation for you as a valued supporter of the NPS Foundation. Professional photos are now available for you to view and download on our Flickr page. Enjoy looking through these memories from one of our favorite nights of the year!

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In the News: Navy's Focus on Education is an Opportunity for NPS

A comprehensive study and subsequent report released by the Department of the Navy in late 2018 is proving to be a significant opportunity for NPS. Titled the Education for Seapower study, or E4S, senior leaders across the Navy and Marine Corps are now implementing recommendations from this comprehensive analysis of naval education. Paired with the guidance of senior Navy leaders and the school’s long-term plan, NPS officials are capitalizing on a perfect opportunity to invest in its Monterey campus, and potentially beyond it.

Across the Department of Defense, a priority has been placed on partnerships between the military, academia and industry in efforts to solve national security’s most challenging problems, and fast-track innovative solutions to the warfighter. With this in mind, NPS is currently exploring the option of leasing a facility in the immediate Monterey Peninsula region that could support its academic and research endeavors. Read more.

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Navy Leaders Press Ahead, Funding Naval University System

Commandant Explores Student Research, Addresses Marines During Visit to NPS

Army Graduate Turns to NPS to Advance Education for Acquisition Pros

Two Recipients Presented With First-Ever Mauz and Warner Distinguished Leadership Award

At a dinner last month, NPS Foundation CEO Rich Patterson presented the award's first two recipients, NPSF Trustees Karen Hargrove and Don Beall, with a plaque in appreciation of their leadership and service with the foundation.

The NPS Foundation has established a new award, The Mauz and Warner Distinguished Leadership Award, in honor of former NPSF Board Chairs Admiral Henry H. Mauz and Bill S. Warner. The award recognizes individuals and organizations that have provided significant leadership in support of the mission of the Naval Postgraduate School Alumni Association and Foundation. The award is named in honor of Mauz and Warner to recognize their enduring commitment and leadership to the Naval Postgraduate School and the NPS Foundation.

After 35 years of active-duty service, Admiral Mauz retired from the Navy in 1994 as Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Soon after, he became a NPSF trustee, then served as president of the foundation, and finally as board chair from 2007-2012. His exemplary leadership has been instrumental in growing the foundation into what it is today.

Bill Warner joined the NPSF Board of Trustees in 2001 and subsequently served as board chair for 10 years, closing out his tenure in 2018. Bill's leadership and vision have expanded the foundation's mission, established new partnerships and events, and propelled national security research funding through the Defense Innovation Fund.

The first two recipients of the Mauz and Warner Leadership Award have equally impactful leadership résumés, both joining the NPSF Board of Trustees in 2008.

Donald Beall, retired CEO of Rockwell Automation, has contributed significantly to the foundation. He established the Beall Fellows Program, designed to further the NPS mission by preparing the next generation of security scholars for service in government, academia, industry or on national defense advisory bodies. The Beall Fellows have served in the Defense Analysis Department at NPS and provided expertise in a variety of key areas of study.

Karen Hargrove, retired Microsoft Corporation executive, currently chairs the board funding committee. She has been instrumental in identifying research projects the foundation supports through the Defense Innovation Fund. This fund has served more than 75 NPS projects in the past four years, which has led to an additional $10 million in funding from Department of Defense sources for projects that have continued beyond initial NPSF support. Karen has also been a leader with regard to NPSF special event coordination and has supported active-duty military officers and their families through a variety of programs.

NPS Team Wins First Place At Largest Modeling and Simulation Conference Competition

A team of NPS students recently won first place in the 2019 "Iron Dev" competition at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC). The Iron Dev competition gives teams a set of specific guidelines to develop a training solution that improves warfighter readiness. The NPS team won by developing an augmented reality solution for an aerial refueling trainer. The I/ITSEC Conference is the world's largest modeling, simulation and training event. Congratulations to each student on this winning team! The NPS Foundation is proud to have helped sponsor your participation in this event!

In Memoriam: Honoring the Life of Wayne P. Hughes, Friend and Supporter of the NPS Foundation

Last month, NPS mourned the loss of retired Navy Capt. Wayne P. Hughes with his passing on Dec. 3. A professor of practice in military operations research, Hughes’ reputation as a naval strategist was second to none, built through his decades of experience at sea and scholarship on campus – knowledge that he freely passed on to countless naval officers over the years.

“Wayne Hughes is a national treasure, a man who was dedicated to service, to scholarship, and to educating naval officers and future leaders,” said NPS President retired Vice Adm. Ann Rondeau. “He was a giant among naval strategists, an enormously dedicated teacher and deep patriot of the first order who was both warfighter and scholar.

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Congratulations to This Quarter's Award Winners

NPSAAF CEO Rich Patterson (L) presents Major Michael Skarda (R) with the Outstanding United States Air Force Graduate Award at the awards ceremony in December.

Each quarter, we award select NPS faculty and students based on exceptional leadership and academic abilities. Congratulations to this quarter's foundation award recipients:


LCDR Kyle A. Baker, USN
Nicholas Dew, Center for Homeland Defense & Security
MAJ Michael DiPieto, USAF
LCDR Cassie Hamblin, USN
Major Justin L. Haufee, USAF
LCDR Konstantinos Kokkalis, Hellenic Navy
1st Lt Michael Rowe, USAF
Major Michael E. Skarda, USAF
LCDR Brendon P. Smeresky, USN
Major Lacey L. Thompson, USAF
LCDR Benjamin Wells, USN
Major Joonmo Yang, Republic of Korea Air Force


Professor Nicholas Dew
Associate Professor Jeremy Kosdon
Professor Thomas Lucas
Professor Susan Sanchez
Senior Lecturer Elliot Cory Yoder


Newest NPS Graduates and 1,200+ on NPS Connect

Congratulations to the 401 graduates who received their degrees on December 20. We look forward to serving you as alumni, no matter where the next chapter of your career takes you!

Our alumni association continues to grow, as there are now more than 1,200 active users on our alumni platform, NPS Connect. And we are aiming for even more growth in 2020!


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