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Former Vice President Dan Quayle Tours NPS Campus, Research Labs

It was a privilege to host Former Vice President Dan Quayle as our guest at NPS earlier this month. Our CEO Rich Patterson says, “We wanted Mr. Quayle to meet the students and faculty members so he could hear from them first-hand about their research and how the results will be brought back into the field. The students and faculty at NPS presented an outstanding set of briefings and lab tours that highlighted some of the critical areas of national security research that left the former vice president impressed and interested in further engagement with the school and the foundation."

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Research Report: An inside look into the research we fund at NPS
Sea Land and Air Military Research Facility (SLAMR) To Address Major Shift In Modern Warfighting
NPS Foundation Asked To Play Key Role in SLAMR Funding

The Sea Land Air Military Research Facility (SLAMR) will be our nation’s only facility that allows researchers to experiment with robotics in multi-domain environments, specifically, sea, land, air, space and cyberspace. The NPS Foundation has been a foundational source of funding for the facility since its inception, and will now take on an even larger role in ensuring SLAMR's completion. The Naval Postgraduate School recently requested $3 million from the foundation to ready the facility for initial operations in summer 2020.

At SLAMR, private industry, academia and government organizations will collaborate to tackle the toughest defense challenges. One of those challenges is a major shift in the battlefield for our military.

“The concept of command and control is changing,” says Ray Buettner, NPS professor and SLAMR director. “It’s not just humans anymore, it’s underwater vehicles, drones, and robotic systems moving across battlefields and searching for the enemy."

"I tell my students, in every battlefield, you will be using and/or facing nonhuman warriors. SLAMR will allow us to be at the forefront of adapting to that change."

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Seed Project: Using Case Studies to Fuel Innovation in Defense Acquisition

Tactical convoys are a key component of fuel use for moving personnel and cargo and. Convoy commanders make many decisions that contribute to energy use.

The Department of Defense (DoD) continues to struggle to develop innovative capability solutions for our military. Since 1975, program costs have been outpacing their commercial counterparts by a significant margin with no end in sight. In response to this situation, NPS Professor Ray Jones is creating a series of defense acquisition case studies to support classroom learning. The first two cases are complete, and present challenges that students will face in future tours, giving them the opportunity to practice in a low-risk environment.

“Greening Marines? Creating an Energy Ethos in the U.S. Marine Corps” deals with human behavioral aspects of operational energy and how Marines can improve energy usage, such as fuel for convoys, given the distributed nature of their operations. By understanding the human dimension of energy use, the Marine Corps stands to save significant resources in future design and fielding decisions.

“At Some Point This Has to Stop, Right?” takes place at the John’s Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and follows the challenges of junior submariners, detailing how they are able to negotiate the barriers of hierarchy in developing optimal solutions to complex problems.

Photos and Recap of our 2019 America's Heroes Charity Golf Tournament

It was another successful year hosting our annual America's Heroes Charity Golf Tournament! On August 12, 200 golfers and an additional 140 dinner/auction guests helped us raise more than $1.8 million for charities that are helping countless veterans, wounded-in-action service members, and their families. Thank you to each one of you who participated!

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In the News: Ready to Play Insurgent Uprising?

Two NPS students invented a board game to teach and reinforce unconventional warfare theory to U.S. Special Forces. Now Naval Postgraduate School is ready to license it to a board game company.

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Alumni Events in SoCal and Where We're Going Next

Thank you to all the alumni who joined us in San Diego and Santa Monica in August. These events are a great opportunity to make social and professional connections with fellow NPS grads in the military, government and private sector. Up next? We're going to Seattle on October 6! Stay tuned as we release more information.

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Last Chance to Play in the Navy Ball Golf Tournament

Don't miss your chance to help commemorate the Navy's 244th birthday with the annual Navy Ball Golf Tournament at the Monterey Pines Golf Course. The four-person scramble event is on Friday, September 20 with an 8:30 am shotgun start. Sign up before September 6 by contacting Sonja Giralmo at or at 831-656-2291. Cost is $70 per person, which includes the greens fee, cart and lunch.


NPSF Club Corner: Soccer Club Victory!

Congratulations to the NPS Foundation Soccer Club on winning the 2019 Monterey Intramural League Championship last month! The club is gearing up to host another World Cup Tournament, open to the public, in Pebble Beach in October. If you're interested, email to be placed on a team.


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