Access NEW Member Benefits: Online directory, mentorship platform, and MORE!

When we started the alumni association in January, we knew we wanted to grow and add more benefits for valued members like you. Our goal is to offer you an alumni association that facilitates both personal and professional connections with fellow graduates, offers you tangible career benefits, keeps you connected to the mission of NPS, and brings you together with in-person events across the country and around the world. And now, we’re one giant step closer to making all of that possible.

 NPS Connect 

Meet NPS Connect. Your one-stop-shop for alumni networking. Available now to all alumni association members, NPS Connect is a secure and interactive website that includes a searchable alumni directory and mentorship platform that allows you to connect one-on-one with alumni as a mentor or mentee.

Visit and log in through LinkedIn, Facebook, or email. It will take less than two minutes to sign up and get connected with fellow NPS graduates. Here’s a peek at some of the tools available to you on NPS Connect:


Directory. Search for alumni by degree, curriculum, graduation year, career experience, location, and much more. The directory makes it easy to message graduates to create personal and professional connections. And you can easily update your profile at any time.


Mentoring. Customize your profile settings to let others know what you are “offering help” for and what you are “seeking help” for. Easily find alumni who are willing to meet for coffee, answer industry questions, help you make connections, etc. You can also specify if you are willing to be a mentor, or if you would like to have a mentor.


Groups. Join any of our existing groups like “Cyber Professionals” or “Women’s Forum” or create your own! This tool allows you to have tailored conversations within specific groups, and post events. Whether you’re looking to meet up with other members of the NPSF Cycling Club in your city or discuss industry-specific topics, there’s a group for you!


Events. See upcoming alumni events and NPS Foundation events in your area. Organize your own events or alumni meetup and post it under the Events tab to let others know.


Jobs. Check out available jobs at NPS and other select companies who are hiring.


Feed. Use the main feed on your home page to post questions, introduce yourself, or simply reminisce about your days at NPS.


Log in today! Visit to get started and to take advantage of all these benefits. Please note that is separate from our organization’s website at and is exclusively for our alumni association members. We look forward to connecting with you!