Our Advisory Council

Ron Moultrie

Ron is a highly-respected, former Senior National Security Official who spent well over three decades serving in the United States Government. As the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Director of Operations, Ron was the leader of what is arguably the world’s most capable, technically adept, and globally dispersed Cyber organization. Ron was entrusted with providing vital insights to the President of the United States, Senior Policymakers, and Key Allies around the world and was accountable for over the half of NSA’s workforce and multibillion dollar annual budgets.

At Resolute, Ron will lead our team of trusted advisors – cyber security strategists and crisis communications executives – who will provide clients with exceptional access and insight on security issues and the highest level of communications strategies.

While in government, Ron served in several of the U.S.’ most challenging national security assignments including as a member of CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service (SIS), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the United States military as a Russian Linguist, and as NSA’s Director of Operations. Ron was the first African American (and minority) in NSA’s history to lead its global operations and is also one of the Agency’s most decorated officers.

Ron serves on a number of Boards and is very actively engaged in charitable activities.


  • CyberSecurity Strategic Counsel
  • CyberSecurity Thought Leadership
  • Real-time CyberSecurity Incident Response & Assessment Counsel
  • Global CyberSecurity Spokesperson