Our Trustees

David Liskin

Trustee Emeritus, NPS Foundation

Mr. David Liskin is the founder of LMA, a full service Television Production Company that he founded in 1983. In 1984 he moved to Los Angles California to produce 65 episodes of “Feeling Great”, a program he created and owned. In the thirty years that followed, David worked for clients as diverse as CBS, Fox Television, the US Government, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Eli Lilly, Genentech and Sybervision. He has produced literally hundreds of programs and traveled to South America, Europe, Scandinavia, the Pacific and the Mid-East in order to do so. His long term partnership with Broadcaster John Madden resulted in Super Bowl Specials, national ads for Chrysler, Ace and Electronic Arts and ultimately the creation of one of the finest and largest TV Production facilities in Northern California.

Mr. Liskin enjoys athletic pursuits, winning a New Jersey State Championship in Track, as well as attending University of Maryland on a full athletic scholarship. Mr. Liskin completed his studies at University of Maryland in Pre-Med with a major in Maryland. He completed his M.S. in Plant Physiology at the University of Rhode Island and studied Quantum Mechanics at St. Joseph's University. After two years of scientific research and the awarding of a US Patent in Plant Growth Regulation, Mr. Liskin was recruited by Scientific Life Systems (SLS) where he assisted former Secretary of the Treasury, William B. Simon and, Director of the CIA, William Casey. While working at SLS, he joined the US Bobsled Team and had the distinction of representing the United States of America in the World Championships.

Mr. Liskin currently serves on several boards and is President of his family’s Charitable Trust. He resides in Carmel, California.