About Us

As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to supporting the Naval Postgraduate School and its students, faculty and staff. Whether you’re a community member, current or former NPS student, or simply looking for a way to give back, there are lots of opportunities to get involved and support the development of our future military leaders:

  • Become a Member. We have five tailored membership options for NPS students, international students, alumni, faculty/staff members and community members.
  • Donate online or call us at 831-901-3766. We’d love to help you find the best NPS program or initiative for your monetary gifts.

Support from people like you is vital to maintain the highest standards and resources for NPS, our nation’s premier military graduate institution. When you give to the NPS Alumni Association & Foundation, you are directly shaping our nation’s future military leaders and funding research that improves our national security. Thank you for your generosity.

Our Mission

"To support, promote and advance the mission of The Naval Postgraduate School by working with school leadership to identify strategic institutional priorities, and by raising, managing, and disbursing private gifts that provide the margin of excellence for continuing educational and intellectual discourse in areas of strategic consequence at the nation's preeminent national defense research university."

Our History

Founded in 1970 at the request of former Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Superintendent Rear Adm. Robert McNitt, the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation (NPSF) has a strong history of supporting our nation’s top graduate-level military institution. For decades, the foundation has administered private donations to the school, improved the school’s physical facilities, funded innovative research to address national security issues, and led many other initiatives to elevate the educational experience for our nation’s service members.

But, as any good navy story begins, it all started with sailboats. The NPS Foundation’s first contribution to the school came in the form of four of these boats, used to establish a sailing and seamanship program. From this first donation, the NPS Foundation was born and has since continued to grow and greatly expand the ways it supports NPS. In 2018, NPSF became the NPS Alumni Association & Foundation, as the organization officially established an alumni association for NPS graduates.

From its humble beginnings, the NPS Foundation now has a team of nine employees, sponsors a variety of recreational clubs, manages the alumni association, fuels research through the Defense Innovation Fund, sponsors a speaker series at NPS, funds students and faculty/staff awards, and includes hundreds of students, faculty/staff and community members.

Since its inception, the foundation has provided an opportunity for members of the civilian community and the military to work together for the mutual benefit of all. While funding NPS research and elevating students’ experience remain top priorities for the foundation, the NPS Alumni Association & Foundation also focuses on programs that link civilian and military communities, like Discover NPS Day.

As we look toward the future, we will continue to grow and develop alongside NPS. But our mission remains the same; to support NPS and maintain the school’s margin of excellence in order to advance the mission of the U.S. Military and prepare our future Department of Defense leaders to protect our national security.

A brief timeline of the NPS Foundation:

1971: The foundation receives its second-ever donation, used to establish the Rear Adm. John J. Schieffelin Award for Excellence in Teaching

1991: The foundation hires its longest employee, Valerie Jensen, who is still with the foundation.

1989: The foundation starts supporting the Leadership Lecture Series (now known as Secretary of the Navy Guest Lectures). NPSF continues to sponsor post-lecture receptions to allow students to meet internationally known speakers.

2003: Pathway to the Future starts as a fundraiser for the school. These custom engraved bricks on the NPS campus are now a way to stay connected with campus.

2003-04: The foundation institutes its first iteration of a membership model, with 100 founding members open to NPS faculty/staff and community members.

2005: The inaugural NPSF America’s Heroes Charity Golf Tournament takes place to support charities that help members of the military community and their families.

2008: The inaugural NPSF Grand Winter Ball takes place as the foundation’s annual fundraising event. It is now known as the premier holiday event on the Monterey Peninsula.

2008: The membership model expands to include NPS students, which offers several membership tiers.

2009: The NPSF Cycling Club forms and sparks the start of several other clubs. The student club program has since grown to include 12 different clubs that enrich students’ NPS experience.

2016: The foundation starts the Seed Program through the Defense Innovation Fund to award $10k to NPS professors to turn their research ideas into action. The first 21 projects are funded this year.

2018: The foundation becomes the NPS Alumni Association & Foundation, establishing an alumni association for NPS graduates.

NPS Foundation Presidents

Robert Allan 1970 –1983  
Clifford Keene 1984 – 1987  
Jane Herbst Butler 1987 – 1989  
VADM Richard A. Miller 1989 – 1995  
Marilyn Olsen 1995 – 1997  
ADM Henry H. Mauz 1997 – 2007  
Bill Warner 2007 – 2018  
Hank Plain* 2019-Present *Chair

NPS Foundation Executive Directors

RADM USN Ret Thomas Mercer 2002-2003  
RADM USN Ret David Bill 2003-2005  
RADM USN Ret Merrill Ruck 2005-2013  
CAPT USN Ret David Silkey 2013-2015  
COL USAF Ret Suzanne Fortune 2015-2016  
CAPT USN Ret Tim Callaham 2017-2018  
Richard Patterson* 2018-Present *President/CEO


The NPS Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 23-7098729) whose primary mission is to support the students, faculty and staff of the Naval Postgraduate School. Similar to other educational institutions, private support is vital to achieve standards above the sustaining level of public support. Private donations enhance the educational experience of NPS to the level of the country's best institutions of higher learning. With this support, we assist in the development of the military leaders of tomorrow, while also funding research that significantly improves our nation's security capabilities.