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STEAM Education and Community Outreach

Encouraging the local community to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math and connect with NPS' operational student body.

Opportunities like NPS’ Discovery Day, Design Challenges and internships inspire learning and foster creativity in the Central California community from an early age, cultivating a culture of innovation and ensuring our Nation remains the global leader in science and technology discovery and competitiveness. These students are the future leaders who will drive transformation and innovation in these fields, not just for the military, but across a number of industries. We urge you to support the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation’s campaign to expand and enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics education opportunities in the Central California Coast inspiring and emboldening the next generation of scientists, engineers, astronauts, military leaders and more.

In the 2022 fiscal year alone, the NPS Foundation invested over $100,000 in STEAM and community outreach activities to expand opportunities for the NPS community and K-12 students across the Central California Coast.  With your help with are confident that we can raise $50,000 to expand and enhance STEAM education opportunities.

Who We Are

The Foundation

Only the Naval Postgraduate School synchronizes student operational experience and graduate education with applied research and faculty expertise to deliver twice the return on education investment for the Department of Defense: relevant warfighting solutions and leaders educated to employ them.

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation provides that margin of excellence to the Naval Postgraduate School by providing rapid support to NPS research, facilities and initiatives without the constraints of government funding. The NPS Foundation improves quality of life for NPS students and their families and supports NPS research, partnerships and programs critical to our Nation’s advantage.
The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation provides that margin of excellence to the Naval Postgraduate School by providing rapid support to NPS research, facilities and initiatives without the constraints of government funding. The NPS Foundation improves quality of life for NPS students and their families and supports NPS research, partnerships and programs critical to our Nation’s advantage.

The Alumni Association

Our Alumni Association offers NPS graduates a way to stay connected to the mission of NPS and to foster professional and personal relationships within a network of more than 50,000 distinguished professionals.
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Partner Highlight

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation is at the intersect of engagement with students, alumni, faculty, the broader DOD, and industry in addressing challenges and identifying opportunities that advance the capabilities of the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and our allies.
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NPS is currently running the 2023 Rapid Innovation Design Challenge, which focuses on how workflow process automation can address local climate change challenges. The challenge is supported by the NPS Foundation and our industry partners at ServiceNow, Carahsoft and ICF. Educators and student teams in Monterey County will engage with NPS student mentors and industry experts from ServiceNow, Carahsoft and ICF in a mutual social exchange to facilitate deeper understanding of climate change challenges and how technology can be used to deliver solutions.
ServiceNow mentor workshop at the NPS Foundation for the 2023 Rapid Innovation Design Challenge

The Faces of NPS

RADM Jim Greene, USN (Ret), NPS Foundation Trustee Emeritus, and his wife Susan.
"[My wife Susan and I] believe strongly in the mission of NPS to properly educate the future military and civilian leaders of our nation in an academic setting that strongly promotes interaction among all our armed forces. The presence on campus of international students from over 60 allied nations presents an extraordinary opportunity for coalition building at a grassroots level that will serve our nation well as these students advance through the ranks and assume leadership roles in their respective nations. This makes NPS unique as a national institution. We are pleased to be able to help NPS Foundation enhance the student educational experience through financial and equipment support."
Jim Greene
RADM (Ret), NPS Foundation Trustee Emeritus
Master Sgt. Kade Forrester, USAF, MBA in Acquisition and Contract Management '23
“NPS is a unique place where students have the opportunity to affect real, necessary change that the force, and the American people protected by our services, need more than ever. Being a student at NPS opens up your mind in a way that you have so much to study, learn and understand about the world, and not just from a military perspective.”
Master Sgt. Kade Forrester, USAF
MBA in Acquisition and Contract Management '23
Naresh Shanker smiling with the NPSF logo in the background
“Both NPS and the NPSF share our long term vision for how additive manufacturing can increase supply chain resiliency for the military and manufacturers. We’ve made great progress in advancing that vision through this collaboration so far and believe we will continue to make significant strides moving forward.”
Naresh Shanker
Xerox Chief Technology Officer and Head of Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
ADM Samuel Paparo
“NPS is the premier DOD school of technology for warfighting. It's also close to the center of U.S. innovation and the preponderance of forces assigned to the U.S. Pacific Fleet. We continue to deepen ties between NPS and the Fleet to identify relevant challenges and find solutions to build out our capabilities today while simultaneously guiding generations of warfighters in the future."
ADM Samuel Paparo, USN
Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet
MS in Systems Analysis '15
Natalie Poggemeyer
Not only does NPS have an interdisciplinary nature in its academics, but it’s interdisciplinary in the student population. The research and education piece unlocks the potential of the “interdisciplinary” by creating the opportunity and framework to allow ideas to thrive. … Building agile and critical thinkers who are able to take in a lot of information, understand data and technology and make the best possible decisions in the shortest amount of time is how we will meet the needs of the current and future threat environment. The nation is better off for it.
Maj. Lucas Burke, USMC
Kevin Smith, PhD
"The Navy has called upon NPS to do more with the unique opportunities we have with our operationally experienced student body, defense-focused faculty, and our partnerships with DON/DOD labs, academia, and our proximity to the innovation ecosystem in nearby Silicon Valley. The threats facing the Navy and our broader national security are challenging our status quo and relying upon our innovative spirit and commitment to enhancing the capabilities of the warfighter in ways that require us to expand our notion of research and education at NPS." 
Kevin Smith, PhD
Vice Provost for Research
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