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One man adjusting a chest strap and sensor on another man wearing a headband with a sensor and the chest strap sensor. There are weight racks in the background and the man with the sensors on looks focused and determined.
featured initiative

The Human Enhancement Research Group

Operational Readiness Center

The Human Enhancement Research Group (HERG) is an organization functioning as a center for research and innovation in the field of human enhancement. It takes a proactive stance utilizing student and faculty research in human enhancement to keep our service members combat-ready and to prolong health and advance capabilities.

Who We Are

The Foundation

Only the Naval Postgraduate School synchronizes student operational experience and graduate education with applied research and faculty expertise to deliver twice the return on education investment for the Department of Defense: relevant warfighting solutions and leaders educated to employ them. The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation provides that margin of excellence to the Naval Postgraduate School by providing rapid support to NPS research, facilities and initiatives without the constraints of government funding. The NPS Foundation improves quality of life for NPS students and their families and supports NPS research, partnerships and programs critical to our Nation’s advantage.

The Alumni Association

Our Alumni Association offers NPS graduates a way to stay connected to the mission of NPS and to foster professional and personal relationships within a network of more than 50,000 distinguished professionals.
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Partner Highlight

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation is at the intersect of engagement with students, alumni, faculty, the broader DOD, and industry in addressing challenges and identifying opportunities that advance the capabilities of the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and our allies.
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In May 2022, Microsoft and NPS announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to explore highly complex issues associated with rapidly integrating and adopting new technologies in support of naval warfighting and national security. With the announcement of Microsoft as the 2022 NPS Foundation Corporate Partner of the Year, we recognize Microsoft’s investment in the people, research and facilities at the Naval Postgraduate School and their shared interest in delivering rapid capabilities for the Fleet and Force.
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The Faces of NPS

David Liskin Headshot
“Most of us thank people in the military for their service, but if we can recognize them more, like through these awards, it makes it that much more special.”
David Liskin
NPS Foundation Trustee Emeritus and Award Sponsor
Capt. Emily Hastings smiling with another person, both of them are wearing military uniforms.
“NPS is a unique place where students have the opportunity to affect real, necessary change that the force, and the American people protected by our services, need more than ever. Being a student at NPS opens up your mind in a way that you have so much to study, learn and understand about the world, and not just from a military perspective.”
Capt. Emily Hastings, USMC.
Manpower Systems Analysis '23
Naresh Shanker smiling with the NPSF logo in the background
“Both NPS and the NPSF share our long term vision for how additive manufacturing can increase supply chain resiliency for the military and manufacturers. We’ve made great progress in advancing that vision through this collaboration so far and believe we will continue to make significant strides moving forward.”
Naresh Shanker
NPS Foundation Trustee Emeritus and Award Sponsor
Headshot of Geoff Yang
“I’ve been incredibly impressed by the intellect and drive of the people I met. I have had the opportunity in the past to meet some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the technology industry. The students here are equally driven with an intense passion to serve their country. I find that incredibly inspiring.”
Geoff Yang
NPS Foundation Advisory Council
Candid picture of Lt.j.g. Suzelle Thomas looking off in the distance and smiling
“The openness and willingness to seek out other people’s perspectives that I treasured at NPS will continue to stick with me as my career progresses. NPS does a great job of bringing us together in the classroom in a way we can carry over into working with our allies in the fleet.”
Lt.j.g. Suzelle Thomas
MA in National Security Studies ‘19
Close up view of Ying Zhao
“NPS has the best military experts, strategists, and policy influencers. NPS connects to war colleges and DOD research labs. NPS also has secure facilities. Our students are experienced warfighters and know the requirements; we can contribute a lot to U.S. national security priorities. The students are eager to learn the technologies and apply them to military applications. They are future leaders and can deliver strategies to guide and influence future warfare.”
Ying Zhao, PhD
Research Professor, Department of Information Sciences
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