Planned Giving

Your legacy will be one of strength and commitment to our Nation and those who serve it.

When you make a planned gift to the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation, whether through bequests, trust, or your retirement plan, you are investing in the cutting edge research and future leaders that give the United States a decisive advantage over our adversaries, now and into the future.
There are a variety of planned giving options that allow you to support the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation while meeting your financial goals and providing for your family. Read below for more information.

Planned Giving Options

A Current Will or Trust – Control Your Estate

A bequest from either a will or living trust lets you pass any amount you wish to a valued charitable organization free of estate tax.
You can give cash, specific property, or a percentage of your estate.
  • Continue to provide for your family even after your death
  • Distribute your assets according to your wishes
  • Save on estate taxes with proper planning
  • Leave a legacy without giving up assets during your lifetime
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The Revocable Living Trust – Privacy and Security You Can Count On

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A living trust can be an effective way to maintain control of property during your lifetime—and a private way to release it after your death.
  • Allows you to modify trust provisions or change the beneficiaries during your lifetime
  • Avoids the costs and delays of probate — and remains confidential
  • Provides professional management, if you choose a corporate trustee
  • Removes assets from your taxable estate for the portion of the assets distributed upon your death to a charitable organization

Retirement Plan Assets – Avoid Double Taxation

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Most retirement plan assets face double taxation. Not only is the amount diminished by estate taxes, but the recipient also must pay income taxes on it. Avoid federal income and estate taxes by naming NPSF a beneficiary.
  • Avoid all federal income and estate taxes when you name NPSF as the primary beneficiary
  • Receive partial savings when you give NPSF a specific amount before bequeathing your family
  • Name NPSF as the contingent beneficiary for greater flexibility

Life Insurance – Secure Your Family’s Needs and Give Back

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If you are thinking about a contribution to NPSF, a gift of your life insurance could be a sensible, and generous course of action. You will receive an estate tax deduction for the insurance proceeds if you name NPSF the beneficiary of the policy. You can also use life insurance to replace the value of a different gift.
  • Obtain flexibility by naming us as a beneficiary while keeping ownership
  • Name NPSF as a contingent beneficiary and secure your family’s needs first

Charitable Gift Annuity* – A Gift That Pays You For Life

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The concept of a gift annuity is simple. You donate assets that the NPS Alumni Association and Foundation invests. The NPSAAF agrees to make fixed payments to you for life (and, if desired, for another beneficiary’s lifetime). At the end of the agreement, the funds are available for our use.
  • Receive lifetime payments for yourself and possibly another person
  • Obtain a charitable deduction for a portion of the value of the gift
  • Secure partially income tax-free payments
  • Save on capital gains taxes

Charitable Remainder Unitrust – A Gift With Built-In Flexibility

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A charitable remainder unitrust is a combination of a gift and an investment plan. You place assets in a trust, and you (and/or another beneficiary) receive lifetime income from them—NPSF receives the remainder.
  • Receive lifetime income (often greater than the yield on contributed assets)
  • Obtain a sizable income tax charitable deduction
  • Avoid up-front capital gains tax if you donate long-term
  • Make a significant gift to one or more charitable organizations
Restricted Gifts: Your gift can be designated for a specific program or purpose.
Unrestricted Gifts: Allow the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation to direct your contribution to the area of greatest need.
For more information contact Carly Olson, Director Of Development, 831-656-2339 or
The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation is a non-profit organization and does not provide tax, legal, or financial advice. Any document or information shared by our staff is intended to be educational. We strongly encourage donors to consult their own legal and financial advisors.
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