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NPS students and alumni selflessly sacrifice their personal safety, comfort, and even their lives, to protect the freedoms we cherish, embodying dedication to a cause greater than themselves. Time in Monterey is a welcome break from deployments and time apart from their families.

The NPS Foundation supports programs that improve quality of life for NPS students and their families, helping them build community and relationships and strengthen the family unit. For current students, we create a community around shared interests through a wide variety of on-campus and community events and recreational, student-run clubs. For graduates, the Alumni Association connects NPS’ distinguished alumni community across the world.
Alumni Association
Social and Networking Events

Alumni Association

Alumni of the Naval Postgraduate School belong to an elite group of more than 50,000 distinguished professionals. NPS graduates are leading and innovating in their fields worldwide, both in the military and in private industry.
Membership in the Alumni Association enables you to stay connected and leverage the power of this community. With a searchable online directory, monthly updates and regional alumni events, we give you the resources you need to foster both professional and personal relationships within this network, and to capitalize on the value of your graduate degree.
Stay connected to the premier military graduate institution in the United States, and all the alumni events and perks we have planned. Reconnect with fellow graduates, and rediscover NPS!
Stay in the know with monthly updates that highlight the achievements of the NPS community and what's happening at NPS.
Attend casual happy hours, presentations featuring notable alumni, and alumni-led meet-ups in your city.
Participate in professional development opportunities, to include panels, webinars and mentorship.


We recognize the most high-achieving NPS students and faculty members by funding quarterly awards that honor and celebrate their achievements. Recipients of these awards demonstrate excellence in classroom learning or instruction and impressive thesis research. Recipients often go above and beyond in contributing to student education beyond the classroom or in distinguishing themselves in a specific department. These awards are just one way the NPS Foundation encourages an environment of unparalleled scholarly excellence for our next generation of military leaders.
“Most of us thank people in the military for their service, but if we can recognize them more, like through these awards, it makes it that much more special."
- David Liskin, NPS Foundation trustee emeritus and award sponsor


To help students and their families take advantage of this break from operational duty and all that the Monterey Peninsula has to offer, we create a community around shared interests through funding a wide variety of recreational, student-run clubs, including Chess, Cyber, Cycling, Flying, Golf, International, Makers, Outdoors, Running, Sailing, Skydiving, Soccer, Vehicle and Wine. Clubs are open to students and their families, faculty, and community supporters.

During fiscal year 2022, the NPS Foundation provided more than $60,000 of support to NPS’ 14 recreational clubs. The Foundation is also supporting the creation of a Gaming Club and is always looking to create community over shared interests.

Learn more about our 14 clubs.

Social and Networking Events

The NPS Foundation hosts regional alumni events all over the country. The Foundation also hosts quarterly social events to help NPS students and their families connect with each other and build community during their time in Monterey. The NPS community can also participate in annual events like the Grand Winter Ball and the America’s Heroes Golf Tournament.

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