Privacy Policy

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation & Alumni Association (NPSF) maintains biographical, academic, demographic, and gift/payment information on alumni, donors, and friends. This data is used exclusively to support NPSF’s mission – to serve the Naval Postgraduate School and its graduates – and is protected by NPSF’s policies and procedures. We will never share your personal details with unaffiliated parties. The full policy for the release of contact information can be found below.

Main Database

This policy applies to information stored in NPSF’s main database. This is the database used for all communications with alumni, donors, and friends and to store contact preferences as well as data for statistical and historical purposes.

Data Storage

NPSF stores information in its main database within the following categories:
  • Biographical and Demographic Information: name, address(es), phone number(s), email address(es), and civilian sector employment
  • Academic: NPS degree, major (where applicable), and class year; degree(s), class year(s), major(s) for other institutions attended (if reported); and NPS Foundation clubs
  • Gifts and Payments: Philanthropic affinity donations, event registration fees, gift shop purchases, etc.

Data Protection

NPSF protects its data in the following ways:
  • Data is stored in a password-protected database
  • Only appropriate, well-trained NPSF staff members may access certain data elements and update individual records
  • Policies and procedures guide the use and access of the information

Data Usage 

Policy for the Release of Constituent Information:
Unless in aggregate form without personal details (e.g. demographic data), NPSF will never share data outside of NPS and its affiliated parties. NPSF may share your personal contact information with authorized parties (see bullets below this paragraph) other than NPSF staff for specific, approved purposes, unless you specify otherwise. “Contact information” refers to postal and email address and phone numbers (home, mobile, and/or business).
  • Leadership of supported alumni groups – alumni cohorts, classes, and officially recognized affinity groups (for communication regarding the official business of these groups)
  • Reunion coordinators for reunion planning and communications 
  • NPS staff and faculty for the stewardship of philanthropic gifts 
  • NPSF business partners for specific solicitation and marketing purposes as outlined in contractual agreement
Authorized purposes only include those consistent with NPSF’s mission: to support NPS. Typically, such use involves informing NPSF members about NPSF and NPS activities, events, programs, and news.
Contact information may never be used for commercial, religious, or political purposes. Groups wishing to raise funds for NPS must work with the appropriate point of contact (POC) in NPSF’s Development office. NPSF reserves the right to deny access to contact information to any parties found in violation of this policy.
As a rule, NPSF staff will not provide contact information for purposes not clearly related to the mission of NPSF (i.e. for personal use). Where possible, NPSF staff will assist in relaying a message, leaving it to the recipient of the message to respond. Graduates can connect with each other on the NPSF supported website and app.
Graduates and friends may direct NPSF to keep contact information completely confidential or reserved for only particular types of contacts (see “Preferences and Privacy Settings” below).

Preferences and Privacy Settings

You have the following choices available to limit use of or access to your information: 
1) You may ask NPSF to annotate your record in the database as “NPSF Staff Use Only.” 

a. This note REMOVES your name and contact information from the alumni directory on the NPSF website and from rosters provided to alumni groups supported by NPSF. You WILL NOT receive routine communication from your class, alumni cohorts, or other shared interest groups, which includes reunion information. 
b. You WILL still receive communications generated by NPSF staff such as newsletters, invitations, fundraising letters, and offers from authorized vendors and business partners.
2) You may ask NPSF to add a “No Affinity Program Use” note to your record. This will REMOVE your name and contact information from lists shared with authorized partners who work closely with NPSF to offer benefits and services to NPS graduates and friends.
3) You may request “No Correspondence Ever.” This means you WILL NOT receive ANY communications from NPSF, trusted business partners, or volunteers including class and cohort Leadership. To that end, your name WILL NOT appear on class or cohort rosters or be included in any affinity group communications.
4) You also have the option to exclude yourself from particular communications, such as travel program emails, solicitations, or class/cohort mailings, as well as particular communication methods such as correspondence by email, mail, or phone.
NOTE: Marking your email private in the online directory as mentioned in the Release of Constituent Information section of this policy is completely separate from the options above. The options above apply to your record in NPSF’s main database and that coding will override checking or unchecking “Make private” in the directory. Lastly, hiding personal information publicly available on DOES NOT remove that data from NPSF’s internal database. 
If you have any questions about the preference and privacy settings available to you and/or would like to know how your record is currently annotated, please contact Alumni Services at or 831.901.3766.

Additional Data Collection

Register of Graduates (PCI Database): This data is available to graduates, former cadets, and widows through the NPSF website. (A password is required.) The Register of Graduates contains primarily self-reported information related to professional career, including military assignments, awards, and civilian positions of NPS graduates. This information is printed periodically and published as the NPS Alumni Database.
NOTE: The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation & Alumni Association (NPSF) is the official alumni association for the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and the sole organization authorized to raise private funds on behalf of NPS. Other organizations such as specific schools of instruction are separate, and any contact information and preference updates made there will not update your information and preferences within NPSF’s main database and/or online directory. You must contact NPSF directly ( or 831.901.3766) to update your contact, biographical, or any other data as well as your communication preferences. Similarly, you must visit your online profile to update what fellow graduates can see in the online directory (by clicking My Profile and logging in). Otherwise you may miss out on important news and information.
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