Welcome to the Cyber Club

The Cyber Club is a hybrid organization consisting of the NPS Foundation Cyber Club and the Military Cyber Professional Association. Both groups aim to professionalize and inform students about the latest in cyber operations. Members of the one organization are encouraged to join both to maximize benefits. This hybrid approach allows for a unique insight into both military and civilian efforts to understand, operationalize, and protect cyber infrastructure.

What We Do

Our monthly socials bring in guest speakers to discuss their applications of cyber and the ramifications for students. We look to bring diverse insights from the Department of Defense, cyber industry, and the commercial sector. We also participate in cyber events and conferences, such as the annual Cyber Challenge held at NPS.

How To Join

Joining is easy! To join the NPS Foundation Cyber Club, you first must be an NPS Foundation member. To learn more about becoming a Foundation member, CLICK HERE. If you are already a Foundation member, please LOG IN.

To join the Military Cyber Professional Association, please proceed to http://public.milcyber.org/join. Joining one club DOES NOT automatically enroll you in the other. This is something you will have to do. Joining the NPS Foundation Cyber Club allows access to events that others will not be allowed admittance to.

Contact Us

Please contact the Cyber Club at cyber@npsfoundation.org.

CLICK HERE to see the events calendar.