Welcome to the Sailing Club

The NPS Sailing Association (NPSSA) is a nonprofit organization formed to help our Naval Postgraduate School members further the art and practice of sailing in the Monterey Bay area. Our mission is to help our members practice and learn the art of sailing; to promote good fellowship; to learn and promote the yacht racing rules and etiquette of yacht racing, and to promote competition (racing) between members of the Association and other yacht clubs and Sailing Associations.

What We Do
The NPSSA offers very affordable Sailing Classes to members. Group Sails are also available, and they offer a basic introduction to sailing in a safe, friendly environment for those with no experience or those needing to brush up on their skills. A Group Sail is the perfect place to start if you are interested in sailing. We also have an active Racing Team that races our Shield 30 on Wednesday nights.

The NPSSA owns two Santana 22 sailboats, which are used for Sailing Class, Group Sails, and are also available for rent to members who have passed a Check Sail. The NPSSA also owns one Shield 30 sailboat, which the sailing team races.

How to Join
To join the NPS Foundation, please CLICK HERE. If you are already a member, please LOG IN to manage your club memberships.

Membership to the NPSSA is now included in your NPS Alumni Association and Foundation membership at no extra cost!

Contact Us
If you would like to make a reservation for a Group Sail or Sailing Class, or if you have any questions, contact the Sailing club at sailing@npsfoundation.org

We are scheduling the next sail instruction class.  Successful completion of the class qualifies you with Keelboat Skipper C qualification.  This lets you rent the Navy Santana 22 ft boat in Monterey, whenever you want.  Boat rentals are currently set at $25 per 4 hours.


We use the book, Start Sailing Right, which you can purchase at:  http://www.amazon.com/Start-Sailing-Right-National-Instruction/dp/1882502485.  Please try to read the first 10 chapters of the book before the first class.  That's 60 pages, big print, and lots of pictures.


Please learn to tie the following knots:  bowline, square knot, cleat hitch, and rolling hitch.    www.animatedknots.com  is a great resource.  Practice with your shoe laces in case you do not have any string or ropes at home. 


npssa.vc.training@gmail.com for information and to indicate whether you want Saturdays or Sundays




We will have a Saturday cohort and a Sunday cohort.  Please let me know if you can do either with your preference, or if you can only do one, then which one.  If you cannot make one week, we will try to work with you to reschedule, or swap with another student for the other day.


Both Sat and Sun cohorts:

8 April (Thursday)  1700 – 1830 Classroom training 

15 April (Thursday)  1700 – 1830 Classroom training 


Saturday cohort (3 spots)  1000-1500

10 April (Sat) on-the-water training 

17 April (Sat) on-the-water training

24 April (Sat) on-the-water training (check sail)


Sunday cohort (3 spots) 1000 - 1500

11 April (Sun) on-the-water training 

18 April (Sun) on-the-water training

25 April (Sun) on-the-water training (check sail) 


*remember sailing is a weather dependent activity, we may have to reschedule a date due to weather.



  1. You join the Sailing Club.  Membership is obtained automatically through membership in the NPS Foundation. Visit https://www.npsfoundation.org/page.aspx?pid=291  to become a member.  Students are free.  Faculty and community members pay a fee (tax deductible), but this also gets you membership in the foundation and access to all they do.  Create a login to manage your club memberships.


  1. The cost for the class is $250.  Payment can be made via PayPal (send to  pay.npssa@gmail.com ) or by cash or check payable to NPSSA. 


  1. Please note there will be no refund in case you are not able to finish the class.