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Interested in becoming a member of one or more of our clubs?

NPS offers a rare break from deployment for some of our nation’s brightest military service members. Many NPS students come to Monterey straight from overseas tours in combat areas, where they spent little to no time with their families. Because of your support, we are able to offer 12 different recreational clubs to help families take advantage of their time together and to help students enjoy time away from the high-stress, demanding duty of serving our country. Together, club members have hiked Mt. Whitney, biked 100+ miles to Paso Robles, volunteered at the AT&T Pro-Am Golf Tournament, ran the Big Sur Marathon, given demonstrations at the Salinas Valley Comic Con, and much more.

When students join a club, they:

  • Connect with other students.
  • Foster a community around a shared interest.
  • Enjoy time away from their high-stress, demanding duty of serving our country.
  • Give back to the community through volunteering at events.
  • Participate in races, hikes, bike rides, conventions, golf tournaments, etc. at a discounted rate.
  • Have fun!

"I am very grateful for everyone who rode with me, pushed me, and most importantly the time we had enjoying one another’s company. Cycling offers a much-needed break from school. In order to excel you need to remove the stress and clear your mind, cycling is my way to do that."
-John Martin, NPS graduate and former Cycling Club president

To join, CLICK HERE. Once a member of the NPS Foundation, you will be eligible to join any of our 12 clubs.

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