Defense Innovation

Started in 2016, the Defense Innovation Fund (DIF) supports early-stage research and development projects at NPS that focus on improving national security, increasing war-fighting capabilities, and addressing military inefficiencies, primarily through our Seed Program.

DIF moves projects from concept to completion by providing the initial capital necessary to develop these research projects to the point where federal spending becomes available to fully implement the initiatives. Several projects have already reached this goal and are making immediate improvements in the Department of Defense. Without the support of donors through the Defense Innovation Fund, these projects may never have been developed.

If you want to make a tangible difference in our nation’s security, this is the way to do it. By helping to fund early-stage projects, ideas from some of our nation’s brightest military members are transformed into national improvements in the Department of Defense.

To donate, you can give online or call us at 831-901-3766.