Don't Mess with NPS – Texas Style BBQ

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation is planning a summer event that will build community around the Naval Postgraduate School students and their families.

Don’t Mess with NPS, an authentic American Summer BBQ, featuring world-class barbecue, live music by Fin Ewing and the Wrong Direction, custom cocktails and fine spirits. This reception will include some of the most influential people in the area this summer, alongside the mid-career active-duty students and their spouses who make the Naval Postgraduate School special.
Patrons Party starts at 5 P.M.
Location address will be provided after registration.

Patrons Party For those seeking an elevated experience, a $5,000 sponsorship provides access for two to our exclusive VIP pre-event. This includes high-end wine and liquor tastings, gourmet bites and a special guest speaker set in an exclusive private venue. This experience not only enhances your evening, but makes the entire event possible through your generous support.
Most students arrive to NPS after 8 to 12 years to military service, often after enduring multiple deployments to hazardous regions, separated from their families for extended periods. Monterey becomes a sanctuary for them, a time to prioritize time with family while advancing their education.

After graduating from NPS, these students return to the fast-paced duties of military service, equipped with enhanced skills and knowledge to tackle the national security challenges ahead. The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the student and family experience during their time on the Central Coast.

This event's objective is to build support for the Naval Postgraduate School’s students who are valued members of our community and for the School’s mission to equip our nation's military leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to address the national security challenges of today and tomorrow.

By supporting NPS, we are investing in the future of our community and our nation.

Have Questions?

For more information, please call or email Tracy Rhoades.
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