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Dr. Dusty Hurd

NPS Staff Member
Physical Therapist for future NPS Physical Therapy Center

Dr. Dusty Hurd, DPT, is an orthopedic and sports-based physical therapist. For the past five years, he has worked exclusively with the military, including supervising physical therapy services at the Presidio of Monterey. Soon, he will move into a new role at NPS with the establishment of the new Physical Therapy Center as part of the HERG.

What is your vision for the NPS Physical Therapy Center? 

NPS students and leadership have long discussed the value of having a clinic on campus. Building a PT clinic on campus would dramatically lessen the obstacles of time commitment and travel and improve access to care. The physical therapy center remains in the early stages of development. One day, I envision NPS hosting similar human enhancement capabilities like an olympic training center. Physical therapy will be one aspect of care; the center would also offer physical performance, social, spiritual and cognitive enhancement. This center would offer a platform for student research and education on all things related to human enhancement.

How will NPS students benefit from the PT Center?

For many students at NPS, their time in Monterey is a unique opportunity to take a knee, and fix the issues they may be encountering after years of military service. I look forward to helping those who may be a little "dinged up" return to their baseline. NPS could be the place that not only prepares minds for a continuation of the military career, but also readies their bodies to return to years of further commitment to our nation.

The new center will "bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training for modern-day military athletes." Can you describe what that will look like on a practical level? 

Combining principles of movement and exercise coaching with techniques of dry needling, spinal manipulation and a variety of non-traditional methods is where I find the most success in helping to alleviate pain and increase human performance. The physical therapy we offer will be intertwined with the entire process of overcoming injury to elevation to elite levels of performance. NPS students will be less injured and more successful because of their close relationship with physical therapists and other specialists. The integration of multiple experts in a collaborative effort supports bridging the gap between traditional rehab and performance training. Students should depart NPS more motivated, cognitively and physically fit, and less injured than upon arrival. The military athlete typically embodies traits of professionalism, performance and commitment to service. There is not a more inspiring group of individuals to work with.

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