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Lt. Cmdr. Dymas

Computer Science, ‘23
Indonesian Navy

Lt. Cmdr. Dymas was born and raised in Indonesia. He joined the Indonesian Navy and rose to the rank of lieutenant commander. Dymas is studying for his MS in computer science at NPS, where he will learn the technical knowledge and skills necessary to computer system design, data processing and tactical embedded and gain practical experience in applying modern computer equipment and research techniques to solve military problems. Dymas' last assignment was as the chief engineering officer aboard the Changboogo-class attack submarine KRI Nanggala (402). Dymas is expected to graduate in Spring of 2023 and return to Indonesia with technical and practical skills to support the Indonesian Navy.

Tell us about yourself.

First of all, my name is Dymas and actually, that is just my name, no middle name nor last name, although not everyone from my place does not have a family name, some of them have it, it seems unusual and unique, but actually, my name can also reflect where I come from. I come from Indonesia, a country that has about 17,500 islands and about 300 tribes and local languages, a country that is rich in variety and cultures. Right now, I am pursuing and attempting to get knowledge in computer science (curriculum 368) alongside my intelligent, passionate classmates and support each other. 

What are some of the most significant moments in your military career thus far? 

Before I left [Indonesia], I served as a chief engineering officer in one of the submarines owned by Indonesia, as reported a moment ago, now the boat is in eternal patrol position with my colleagues in it. 

What are your goals for your future career?

As with other countries, the military world in Indonesia is trying to utilize technology, especially concerning computer science. A common obstacle today is the massive number of uses of this technology, but it is not followed by its integration. That can lead to security vulnerabilities (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) and that is why the research that I take will be about the use of blockchain as a means of communication which hopefully can answer one of those vulnerability challenges.

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