October 9, 2023

Athena for Partners: Expanding Collaborative Research


We are excited to introduce the latest development in our Athena initiative, Athena for Partners. Athena is a collaborative research tool that enables researchers, sponsors and leaders across the Department of Defense to discover, connect, collaborate, and deliver innovative solutions.

The latest iteration of Athena, Athena for Partners, went live on the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation tenant on October 1. This milestone represents the continued evolution of Athena, which originally began as an NPS student project and early prototype. Built on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams, the platform prioritizes security and scalability, ensuring that researchers, sponsors, and leaders across the Naval Education Enterprise and DOD can easily access and query information stored in various databases.

Athena's core strength lies in its ability to make a wide range of research accessible, including current studies, ongoing projects, and potential future research topics and to rapidly connect researchers, engineers, warfighters, and industry partners. This problem-solving approach promotes a continuous learning culture, motivating individuals to seek out new ideas and technologies for more innovative approaches. Athena for Partners takes collaboration to the next level by leveraging external expertise and industry insights for effective solution development, extending collaboration beyond the DOD.

Athena for Partners currently includes research data from NPS, Marine Corps University and NPS Foundation industry partners, as well as an aggregation of public news sources. The platform remains dynamic, with new data and sources continually being added. Marine Corps students from across the Naval Education Enterprise are among the first users.

Visit athena4partners.org to request your Athena for Partners account. If you are interested in providing data or supporting Athena for Partners, contact athena@npsfoundation.org.

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