October 9, 2023

Naval Innovation Center at NPS Update - October 2023


The Naval Innovation Center at NPS is a critical investment in advancing defense capabilities and national security. In this video, renowned leaders and experts underscore the critical importance of innovation, not only in enhancing military capabilities but also in deterring conflicts and safeguarding American lives and interests.

Video Featuring (in order): Vice Adm. Ann Rondeau, Ret., President Naval Postgraduate School; The Hon. Carlos Del Toro, 78th Secretary of the Navy; The Hon. Leon Panetta, 23rd Secretary of Defense; The Hon. Dan Quayle, 44th Vice President of the United States; Adm. Michael Mullen, Ret., 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Adm. Eric Olson, Ret., 8th Commander U.S. Special Operations Command; Adm. Cecil Haney, Ret., 9th Commander U.S. Strategic Command; Adm. Robert Natter, Ret., 35th Commander U.S. Atlantic Fleet; Mr. Bill Warner, Co-Founder, CacheFlow

NIC at NPS Update

The Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Carlos Del Toro, introduced the Naval Innovation Center (NIC) at NPS in an announcement made on December 9, 2022. The initiative signifies a groundbreaking approach to military education with a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and experimentation. The center is envisioned as a vital resource for Navy and Marine Corps warfighting development commands, facilitating collaborations between the DOD and key players in the defense industry, the technology sector and academia.

“We are supporting the construction of a purposefully-designed facility to house the NIC at the Naval Postgraduate School, providing a space for collaboration, defense-focused experimentation, and demonstration of operational use cases to ensure the right technology is evolving.” – Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Carlos Del Toro’s remarks during the NRL 100th Anniversary on Sept. 28, 2023

The Secretary's recent remarks highlight the next phase of the Naval Innovation Center vision, which includes the development of a purpose-designed facility. This facility will be geared toward accelerating the transformation of research concepts into practical solutions, emphasizing collaboration, hands-on experimentation, advanced analytics, autonomous technologies, classified work, and immersive demonstrations. It is optimized to generate solutions directly relevant to the fleet while maintaining a long-term focus on the future of the Navy and the broader Department of Defense.

The Naval Innovation Center is currently undergoing an environmental review to ensure environmental compliance and responsibility. The 1391 Military Construction project, which outlines the scope, purpose, and cost estimates for the facility, is nearing completion this month, with the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase, inviting contractors to submit proposals for its construction, following shortly thereafter. This progress signifies a significant step toward realizing the NIC's mission to foster innovation and collaboration in military education and technology.

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation has supported the NIC at NPS initiative since its inception, investing over $1.75 Million in the planning and development of the NIC vision and original schematic designs. Our commitment extends throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, from design and development to construction and outfitting, as dedicated partners to NPS and the Navy in realizing the full potential of the Naval Innovation Center.

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