July 8, 2021

Naval Postgraduate School Foundation announces rebrand, focus on future

Desiree Dillehay, Alyssa Olson

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation announced today a rebrand in support of its focus on the future of innovation and research and the stewardship of partnerships at the Naval Postgraduate School.

NPSF lays the foundation for the Naval Postgraduate School to produce the capable leaders, innovative ideas, and revolutionary technologies that our Nation needs. The Naval Postgraduate School represents a diverse community across the DOD and the world. Its students, alumni and faculty are bold and brilliant leaders having important conversations and making important decisions on defense strategy and national security. That’s why the Foundation believes in resourcing solutions and advancing opportunities for research by connecting students, alumni, faculty and industry professionals. The rebrand is a bolder, brighter reflection of these beliefs.

“The NPS Foundation’s rebranding is more than a new logo — it is an opportunity for us to share our renewed vision for the organization, for students, alumni and faculty, and the future of research and innovation that affects our Nation’s security and growth,” said CEO Rich Patterson. “As we celebrate 50 years of support to the Naval Postgraduate School, our new branding honors the rich history of the school but focuses on the future and what comes next for NPS.”

The new mark is comprised of a set of elements that, together, visually expresses everything the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation represents. The symbol — a star of knowledge — is formed out of the collective grouping of individual squares. It nods to the maritime history of NPS and the Foundation with a central compass rose, and it expresses future trajectory with its dynamic energy, dimension and radiance. The logotype emphasizes the word Foundation in both weight and placement. True to its meaning and function, the word Foundation grounds the Naval Postgraduate School with a supportive base, enabling it to grow and thrive.

The NPS Foundation will continue to keep its previous seal in recognition of its 50 years of history. After all, the originating ideas and rich history of both the Foundation and NPS shape the organization while also setting a foundation for the future: a future that is bright, bold and full of opportunity.

About Naval Postgraduate School Foundation & Alumni Association

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing support and advocacy to the Naval Postgraduate School, our Nation's premier defense education and research institution. NPSF is at the intersection of engagement with students, alumni, faculty, the broader DOD, and industry in addressing challenges and identifying opportunities that advance the capabilities of the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and our allies. By funding defense innovation research, student and alumni programs, and NPS initiatives, NPSF lays the foundation for NPS to develop the leaders, technologies, and ideas our Nation needs to keep our service members safer abroad and us all safer at home.

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