September 16, 2021

Naval Postgraduate School Foundation celebrates 50 years of support to students, innovation


The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation (NPSF) celebrates 50 years of support to our Nation’s premier defense education and research institution, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).  

The Foundation will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a series of in-person and virtual events, kicking off in-person with the America’s Heroes Charity Golf Tournament on Oct. 19 and across social media. Subsequent events will allow the community to connect with NPS students and the campus through events and giving opportunities. The anniversary campaign will celebrate the school’s accomplishments, showcase NPS alumni and recognize the history of the NPS campus and the city of Monterey. Follow along by connecting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.  

Founded at the request of former NPS Superintendent Rear Adm. Robert McNitt, NPSF exists to equip NPS to deliver the leaders, technologies, and ideas that our Nation needs. For decades, the Foundation has administered private donations to NPS to support cutting-edge facilities, civilian-military collaboration, innovative research addressing global challenges, and other initiatives to elevate the educational experience and quality of life for our Nation’s service members.

“As we celebrate the rich history of NPS and our Foundation, the future remains our focus,” said NPSF CEO Rich Patterson. “Our partnership remains strong, as demonstrated by the establishment of the Operational Readiness Center on the NPS campus. We will continue to support NPS as it attacks global challenges and develops military leaders, better preparing our Nation to face the uncertainties of tomorrow.”

NPSF recently committed $1.2 Million of funding to NPS in support of an on-campus Operational Readiness Center that will educate and train students in effective techniques to enhance functional capacity, strength, and agility. The Center enables our warfighters to return to the force stronger and more resilient after their time at NPS. The Operational Readiness Center will be a part of a larger military program, the Human Enhancement Research Group (HERG), which emphasizes applied research within the behavioral, cognitive, and physical domains. The HERG’s focus on individual readiness and collaborative research will improve combat effectiveness, now and into the future, with an educated, agile, resilient, and longer-serving force.

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation will continue to grow and develop alongside the Naval Postgraduate School, bringing together educational excellence, innovative research and operational prowess, to identify opportunities that advance the U.S. Military's mission and prepare future Department of Defense leaders to think critically and anticipate the unknown.

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