May 1, 2020

NPS Alumni Association & Foundation Announces Formation of Advisory Council


The Naval Postgraduate School Alumni Association & Foundation (NPSAAF) is pleased to announce the formation of an Advisory Council to help further our efforts to support the Naval Postgraduate School. With members from both military and private industry, the Advisory Council is composed of accomplished experts who will offer innovative strategies and wide-ranging perspectives to our Board of Trustees. Their guidance will aid the Board as it strives to support, promote and advance NPS.

Serving as Chair of the Advisory Council is Admiral Mike Mullen (ret.) former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School. Admiral Mullen brought together the distinguished group of retired military, government and business leaders who will serve as the inaugural group of Advisory Council members. This group includes:

  • GEN Keith Alexander
  • ADM Mike Mullen
  • Mr. Donald Beall
  • ADM Robert Natter
  • ADM Kevin Cosgriff
  • ADM Eric Olson
  • ADM Jim Ellis
  • Mr. Dan Quayle
  • ADM Tom Fargo
  • VADM Jan Tighe
  • Mr. Jim Hebensteit
  • VADM Patricia Tracey
  • ADM Hank Mauz  
  • ADM Sandy Winnefeld
  • ADM William McRaven
  • Mr. Bill Warner
  • Mr. Ron Moultrie                                                                                                                                         

The Advisory Council will focus its efforts on collaborating with the NPSAAF and NPS to develop public/private partnerships in priority areas of national security research, and ultimately to further elevate the profile of NPS within government and the public. To this end, Admiral Mullen said, "NPS is the preeminent graduate institute of the U.S. Military and with the right support will propel innovation within the Department of Defense to new levels. The Advisory Council is prepared to accelerate this effort."

NPSAAF is governed by a Board of Trustees that is comprised of business and retired military leaders from a wide array of professions and a variety of states across the U.S. This dedicated group of individuals works on behalf of NPS to raise money to support national security research and important veterans causes. Board Chair, Hank Plain, shared his enthusiasm for the establishment of the Advisory Council by saying, "The stellar group of military and civilian leaders that Admiral Mullen has brought together is representative of the value of NPS to the nation, as well as Council members' recognition of the significant security challenges we will face in the coming decades and the role the students and faculty can play in meeting them."

NPS Foundation Advisory Committee Mission

The mission of the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation (NPSF) Advisory Committee is to support the Board of Trustees, CEO, and the President of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in their efforts to develop and fund a range of public/private research partnership opportunities, serve as a sounding board for NPSF and NPS with regard to strategic initiatives, and to work with NPSF and NPS to raise the national and international profile of NPS.

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