June 11, 2024

Qualcomm Named 2024 Corporate Partner of the Year by Naval Postgraduate School Foundation


The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation announced Qualcomm Technologies as its 2024 Corporate Partner of the Year during the 19th Annual America’s Heroes Charity Golf Tournament Dinner on June 10. The award recognizes Qualcomm Technologies’ strategic collaboration with the Naval Postgraduate School to drive forward research and innovation leveraging next generation wireless technologies to address critical defense challenges.

Qualcomm Technologies is the first corporate partner of the NPS Foundation to pledge their support for the Naval Innovation Center at NPS. Their commitment will enable the evaluation and application of commercial technologies, resources and expertise to address the DOD’s operational challenges in the future facility.

"Qualcomm Technologies' pioneering support for the Naval Innovation Center at the Naval Postgraduate School underscores its profound commitment to national security by educating and shaping current and future military leaders with knowledge about cutting-edge technologies. We are proud to recognize Qualcomm Technologies as our Corporate Partner of the Year,” said Todd Lyons, Vice President, NPS Foundation.

Over the past four years, Qualcomm Technologies has built a strong partnership with the NPS Foundation and NPS, facilitating the integration of advanced commercial capabilities into the educational and technical activities on campus and empowering students and faculty with cutting-edge resources. The Naval Innovation Center at NPS is a pivotal step in realizing a shared vision where defense education and commercial technologies converge.

The Corporate Partner of the Year Award is presented annually to a company that has enabled interdisciplinary and innovative collaboration and empowered the NPS community to drive world-changing advancements for defense, industry, technology, climate and more — right now and into the future.

“This award signifies an important milestone in our enduring and evolving collaboration, reflecting a shared commitment to creating lasting impact. As we look ahead to the realization of the Naval Innovation Center, we are excited to provide a platform where access to wireless education and commercial technologies empowers the national security leaders of tomorrow,” said Kim Koro, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm Technologies formalized its collaboration with the Naval Postgraduate School in February 2023 with a Limited Purpose - Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (LP-CRADA). Under the LP-CRADA, NPS faculty and students are collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies engineers and technologists to conduct research into 5G wireless communications, artificial intelligence, hardware development platforms and associated technologies. Qualcomm Technologies is providing technology and access to industry experts in support of the ongoing NPS research initiatives and is providing the NPS campus community with access to commercial training on cutting-edge wireless technologies.

The Naval Postgraduate School educates strong national security leaders and develops advanced technologies to ensure our military remains the most capable in the world. As a partner in NPS’ mission, the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation connects with industry partners in critical emerging technology areas and invests in NPS research and initiatives that advance defense capabilities, deter and defeat threats, and equip our service members with skills and technologies that keep them safe abroad and protect us all at home.​

The Limited Purpose Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (LP-CRADA) does not constitute endorsement of Qualcomm Technologies or its products and services by the Naval Postgraduate School, the Department of the Navy, or the Department of Defense.

The Naval Postgraduate School Foundation is a non-federal entity. It is not part of the DOD or any of its components and has no governmental status.

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