The HERG – Operational Readiness Center

The Human Enhancement Research Group (HERG) is an organization functioning as a center for research and innovation in the field of human enhancement. It takes a proactive stance utilizing student and faculty research in human enhancement to keep our service members combat-ready and to prolong health and advance capabilities.

Setting it apart from other military programs, the HERG emphasizes applied research within the domains of behavioral, cognitive, physical, ethics of war, moral and cognitive dissonance, organizational psychology, and personal leadership development. The HERG’s focus on individual readiness and collaborative research will improve combat effectiveness, now and into the future, with a strong, educated, agile, resilient, and longer-serving force.


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Decoding the Middle Kingdom: How China Competes

On March 30th, 2021, at 3 pm Pacific (6 pm Eastern), the NPS Alumni Association and Foundation hosted Elsa Kania, author of Myths and Realities of China’s Military-Civil Fusion, Elizabeth Gooch, Assistant Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, and Maj Erin Moubry for a fascinating discussion of how China leverages military-civil fusion to compete on the international stage. They explore the myths and realities of Chinese power and how it is wielded. They also discussed how and where the Chinese narrative is succeeding or failing to better understand the opportunity space for decision-makers at all levels. 


Reframing Great Power Competition

On February 25th, 2021 at 3 pm Pacific (6 pm Eastern), the NPS Alumni Association and Foundation hosted Kori Schake of the American Enterprise Institute, Col (Ret) Bill Vivian, author of Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1-4 Competing, Ryan Evans, editor of War on the Rocks, and Dr. Leo Blanken of the Naval Postgraduate School, Co-founder of Applied Design for Innovation. They discussed how they are reframing great power competition from their unique perspectives and how that evolving understanding will shape national security over the next several years.


Innovation as a Strategic Imperative

On December 15th at 3pm PST (6 pm EST), the NPS Alumni Association and Foundation hosted Dr. Steven Blank from Stanford University and NPS Professor of Practice CAPT (Ret) Jeff Kline for a conversation highlighting the complementary efforts by Stanford and the Naval Postgraduate School to educate the next generation of innovation leaders in national security.