Faces of NPS – Newsletter Archive 

         Then & Now: Operations Research, tackling challenges with data science

         Then & Now: Meet NASA's Newest Astronauts and Celebrate NPS' & NPSF's Rich History

         Then & Now: NPSF Clubs: Cycling, Skydiving, Yacht Club, Wine

         Then & Now: Defense Analysis with Dr. John Arquilla

          Issue 12: Alumni Connecting Industry, Dr. Anne Marie Baylouny 

          Issue 11: CDR Giles, Dr. Hale, LT Kelty

          Issue 10: Ask an Astronaut Profiles

          Issue 9: Astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria 

          Issue 8: POM Physical Therapist, NPS Students

          Issue 7: Geoff Yang, Dr. Dorothy Denning

          Issue 6: Retired ADM Cecil Haney, SOF Chair COL Crisafulli 

          Issue 5: Retired VADM Jan Tighe, Dr. Gurminder Singh

          Issue 4: Dean of Students, Mills Award Winner

          Issue 3: CTO of Zoom, Current Students & Alumni

          Issue 2: Big Idea Exchange (BIX) Edition

          Issue 1: Meet the Students, Faculty & Alumni of NPS

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